Webcast - Orchestrating Supply Chain Execution For Profitability

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Duration: 60 Minutes

Like many companies, you may be optimizing your supply chains to lower cost and improve service, but are you also focused boosting profitability and financial performance. By utilizing a Demand Driven Supply Network (DDSN) approach, you can start to orchestrate your organization’s capabilities and resources to collaborate with your customers and suppliers on sensing and profitably delivering on demand. According to AMR Research, DDSN leaders deliver 20% more perfect orders…carry a third less inventory…and bring 5% more revenue to the bottom line.

During this Webcast, Greg Aimi, Research Director for AMR Research, will highlight trends and challenges in moving beyond warehouse and transportation management towards holistic supply chain execution across the demand driven supply network. He will show how companies can move supply chain operations from simply reacting to everyday demands and disruptions to orchestrating demand-driven profitability. Then we will present a quick self assessment approach to gauge where you are today and identify advanced supply chain execution tactics and solutions such as rf, RFID, directed put-away, value added services, cross-docking, transportation management, event management, performance management — that you can leverage to improve your company's profitability.

Featured Speakers:

Greg Aimi - Research Director, AMR Research

Greg Aimi has more than 20 years of business experience within supply chain, technology, marketing, and high technology. In his role as research director at AMR Research, he provides vendor research and best practice analysis in supply chain management, global trade, and visibility and event management — and how these areas impact demand-driven supply networks. As a pioneer in the development of the supply chain execution category of software, Greg has focused on the continual re-optimization of supply chain functions in response to the daily disruptions and dynamic change of the real world.

Wilson Rothschild - SCM Solutions Manager, Infor

Wilson Rothschild heads solution management for Infor's Supply Chain Management portfolio, working with clients on financial and operational benchmarking, supply chain value drivers and the solutions that can help them achieve their financial and operational goals.  Prior to Infor Global, Wilson was a research analyst/advisor for META Group (now Gartner Inc), where he advised G2000 companies on vendor and software selection for transportation, warehousing and international trade applications. Prior to being an advisor, Wilson spent several years in supply chain software and operational roles where he worked for and with companies like Home Depot, Ryder, and Matlack.

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