Webcast - IndustryWeek Webcast: Best Practices For A Carbon-Efficient Supply Chain

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What is it about the way we operate that causes our entire supply chain to waste energy? And what practices can be implemented to achieve a carbon-efficient supply chain?

Much like Lean concepts, reducing carbon output can have a positive effect on both the top and bottom line of companies. In this webcast, learn the relationship between supply chain costs and CO2 emissions — specifically when organizations focus holistically on the CO2 emissions from design, manufacture, transport, service, storage, consumption and return.

The beginning point to this holistic approach is through an organization's overall supply chain design. While supply chain design has traditionally been done on a cost basis, CO2 emissions is now a new factor. Companies may be surprised to find that these best practices can actually allow them to reduce both cost and emissions within their overall supply chain. This presentation will also feature a case study.

Attend this webcast to find out:

  • How to reduce energy consumption and carbon output — as well as costs — in procurement, production and distribution.

  • The 3 steps to implement carbon-efficient supply chain best practices.

  • The 3 main measures of an energy-efficient supply chain.

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