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Are you looking for powerful, flexible, and easy reporting?  Financial professionals need to make strategic and informed decisions, and they need to make them fast.  F9 can help you easily automate the strict reporting process while ensuring accountability.

F9 is an affordable, customizable financial reporting tool that dynamically links general ledger data from your accounting package software, such as Quickbooks, to Microsoft Excel, and is available for Infor SCM solutions.

Excel users already know that spreadsheets are valuable for financial reporting. F9 can quickly leverage that value by delivering your general ledger data directly to Excel through a link to the most current information, without requiring exports or manual entries.

F9 software:

  • Dynamically links to GL

  • Consolidates data from multiple systems

  • Provides flexible, cell-based reporting

  • Drills down from the report to the data origin

  • Retrieves and edits GL budgets in Microsoft Excel

  • Creates fully formatted, dynamic reports in seconds

We know that you need instant access at all times to your most critical data—your general ledger. F9 financial reporting solutions are easy to implement (within three days or less) and easy to maintain.

If you know Excel, then you know F9.

Powerful and flexible, F9 is easy to learn and use. You can complete online training in less than a day, usually in just a few short hours. Your accounting personnel can be up and running quickly with readily available standard queries and reports. And you can capture all the information you need with ad hoc query capabilities.

With F9, reports are timely, accurate, and complete.

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