Webcast - Make Your ERP Smarter With Advanced Transportation Management

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Implementing an advanced transportation management system can result in measurable improvements in supply chain execution, including a reduction in inbound freight costs.  The key is often in recognizing the need to streamline inbound shipping processes - including transportation sourcing via carrier bid optimization, shipment planning, electronic contracts, rate and freight management, carrier selection, settlement via freight auditing, and reporting.

View this webcast recording to find out how your company can reach the next level of transportation management- regardless of which ERP you own. See how on-demand TMS solutions and service-oriented architectures are opening new opportunities to harness the power of transportation management software while minimizing IT integration and implementation challenges.

See how modern advanced TMS solutions like Infor SCM Transportation Management are creating new capabilities while minimizing total cost of ownership. Learn how modern advanced transportation management solutions are helping companies extend their current ERP systems to:

  • Increase order and shipment visibility

  • Improve routing guide and carrier compliance

  • Reduce transportation and inventory costs

  • Improve regulatory compliance

  • Enhance delivery and customer service

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