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You probably spend between 5 and 15 percent of your top-line revenues on logistics - on everything from transportation to inventory management. And most of this is spent with organizations that are outside of your four walls and outside of your control - carriers, 3PLs, freight forwarders, and other trading partners. From procurement to manufacturing and from sales to customer service, all parts of your company depend heavily on logistics.

For leaders in manufacturing, retailing, distribution, and logistics, the supply chain is a source of value and competitive edge rather than just a cost to the income statement. To master your business, you need to master your supply chain. And to master your supply chain, you need to master your logistics.

View our webcast to find out how Infor Transportation Management SHIPLOGIX can help you with optimization, tracking, reporting and reconciliation to streamline multiple modes of inbound and outbound transportation. With Transportation Management SHIPLOGIX, you can:

  • Reduce transportation spending by optimizing carrier/route selection

  • Reduce transportation costs by aggregating and consolidating shipments

  • Reduce inventory safety stocks with real-time tracking and reporting of inventory in transit

  • Improve fulfillment and customer service with in-transit inventory visibility for you and your customers

  • Measure carrier, trading partner and process performance

Find out how Infor Transportation Management SHIPLOGIX can help your company gain visibility and control over logistics processes, reduce transportation spending and improve order cycle times. The end result: the competitive advantage of getting your goods to market more quickly and cost-effectively than the competition.

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