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Adding Value . . . and Complexity

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Adding Value . . . And Complexity Demo

Did you know that the majority of Third-Party Warehouse Providers (3PLs) and over 70% of companies in aggregate cite that achieving reductions in operating expenses is the dominant pressure facing warehousing operations today? Between October and November, Aberdeen surveyed over 200 warehousing and distribution professionals to discover the challenges they face in addressing this concern and their strategies for success.

Bob Heaney, Senior Research Analyst of the Supply Chain Management Practice at Aberdeen Group, will share from the study of over 200 companies and will focus on insights based on 51 third-party logistics services providers (3PLs) whose offerings include warehousing services.

What Attendees will learn:

  • What makes the Best-in-Class 3PLs leaders in their respective fields and what capabilities are the using that give rise to superior results

  • Learn from case study examples such as NYK logistics…
    “Now visibility needs to be simple and easy to look at. What customers are really asking for is the ability to interact. If you’re going to give me a portal, I want to be able to do something with it.” ~ Donald Meewes, Chief Information Officer, NYK Logistics

  • See what other enterprises and 3PLs are doing to upgrade and enhance their internal processes and capabilities and to offer and add value to their client companies.

  • Learn what Outlook and Goals Best-in-Class companies have charted for 2010 and beyond— both to improve their service/cost offering and to examine the pros/cons of outsourcing some or all of their warehousing operations.

Bob Heaney, Senior Research Analyst of the Supply Chain Management Practice, Aberdeen Group

Bob Heaney is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of distinguished leadership experience in research, analysis, and advisory roles in Supply Chain Engineering. Bob’s coverage area within Aberdeen includes various elements of Supply Chain Execution (Transportation Management, Warehouse Management, Distributed Order Management and Supply Chain Visibility).

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