Webcast - Integrated Transportation Management: How To Improve Supply Chain Performance While Lowering Logistics Costs

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Top performance in transportation management is a little like driving on an icy road. Effective transportation management involves overcoming a host of real challenges-volatile fuel costs, capacity levels that shift like the wind, and ever increasing customer expectations for shorter and more frequent delivery times. Despite technological advances and new levels of trading partner collaboration, only about 15% of companies are able to reduce their transportation spend year-over-year.
While most companies are consumed with reducing freight spend as a line item in the budget, research by Aberdeen Group shows that Best-in-Class companies view transportation management as a key to achieving a more wide-ranging supply chain success. These companies understand that:

  • If inbound lead times are more reliable, they can carry less safety inventory

  • If customer service is more certain of when an inbound order will arrive, they can accept orders for in-transit goods instead of having to refuse orders or create back-orders

  • If the warehouse has better visibility of inbound and outbound shipping schedules, they can reduce labor requirements and use space more effectively

If you think your company might benefit from integrating transportation operations, then plan to attend this webcast where Ian Hobkirk, Senior Analyst with Aberdeen's Logistics practice, will highlight the results of their "Integrated Transportation Management" report. He will detail how and why Best-in-Class companies manage the complex interdependencies between transportation and other supply chain functions. He will also recommend courses of action for companies trying to achieve this same level of operation.

Our speakers will highlight process, organizational and technology change that your company can make to optimizing transportation operations and gain visibility and control over logistics processes. These include solutions to streamline multiple modes of inbound and outbound transportation with carrier management, optimization, tracking, reporting and reconciliation. Learn how Infor Transportation Management solutions can help your company make transportation decisions that improve overall supply chain performance while reducing transportation spending, decreasing labor costs and improving order cycle times.

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