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Duration: 60 Minutes.

As companies find that they have squeezed all the productivity juice out of their current WMS applications, benchmark findings from the Aberdeen Group reveal that companies of all sizes are looking toward enhanced warehousing technology and automation equipment to take them to the next level of productivity. Based on Aberdeen research, almost 60% of respondents are planning to update or replace their WMS in the next 18 months to add agility and visibility capabilities.

View this Webcast to find out how your company compares in reaching the next level of warehouse productivity. See how on-demand WMS solutions and service-oriented architectures are opening new opportunities to harness the power of warehouse management software while minimizing IT integration and implementation challenges.

See how modern advanced WMS solutions like Infor SCM WM are opening new capabilities while minimizing total cost of ownership. Learn how modern advanced best of breed solutions are helping companies of all sizes (large, medium, and small) to

  • Respond faster to customer needs

  • Reduce supply chain costs

  • Differentiate value added strategies

  • Measure their operations

Featured Speaker:
Jeff  O’Neill, Research Analyst, Supply Chain.
Jeff researches and analyzes trends and issues involving supply chain metrics. He brings over five years of writing and editorial experience to Aberdeen, covering everything from supply chain best practices to insurance to homeland security. Jeff has concentrations in warehousing efficiencies and media partnering.

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