Webcast - Improving Supply Chain Execution Through Advanced Warehouse Management

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Learn How Petzl America Streamlined Its Distribution Operations with Infor SCM Warehouse Management

Implementing an advanced warehouse management system can result in measurable improvements in supply chain execution.  The key is often in recognizing the need to streamline distribution operations in order to continue to meet customer compliance requirements and changing order fulfillment characteristics.

This webcast will focus on how Petzl America, a distributor of sports, work and rescue equipment, worked with Cornerstone Solutions to identify and design a distribution environment while utilizing the capabilities provided by Infor SCM Warehouse Management. Petzl will outline the added benefits from this warehouse reorganization, especially in labor efficiency and customer service, as well as inventory accuracy and efficiency. With a detailed review of the France and Utah operations, Petzl has now identified the demand forecasted to appropriately lay out their facilities.
During this webcast, Peggy Hill, Logistics Director for Petzl America, will discuss how Petzl's project success was maximized by the capabilities of the Infor Warehouse Management software package. She will discuss the specific ways that Infor helped to streamline and improve their supply chain execution process and how Petzl is ready to face whatever new logistics challenges the future may bring.

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