Webcast - Labor Management: Tools For Optimizing Labor In The Warehouse

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Tools for optimizing labor: Designed for Infor SCM Warehouse Management Provia customers

Labor in a distribution environment typically represents the most significant logistics cost.  Join this webcast to see how the Labor Management System (LMS) addition can provide your operation better visibility into your warehouse productivity. Labor management provides the ability to define engineered labor standards with real-time performance measurement to give visibility into your operations for identifying bottlenecks, labor performance opportunities, and other barriers to productivity.

LMS is the toolset you need to increase efficiency and maximize worker performance in the warehouse. You get razor-sharp labor standards as well as workforce planning, staffing, and execution capabilities. In addition, you'll have the ability to monitor direct and indirect labor and provide feedback to workers and supervisors as warehouse activities are completed.

View this webcast recording to see how labor management helps companies like yours:

  • Establish warehouse labor standards

  • Improve labor planning

  • Increase worker productivity

  • Optimize fulfillment execution

  • Enhance customer service

  • Reduce warehouse labor resource costs

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