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Best Practices for Introducing More Visibility and Workflow Management

In difficult economic times, it's not surprising that managers across all areas are being asked to do more with less. When demand grows increasingly uncertain, there is often a drive to take action on elements that are within your control: the costs of carrying inventory and its potential obsolescence, the cost of warehouse labor, and the potential process inefficiencies that stand in the way of performance goals.

While warehouse management systems do address these concerns, their value as data-rich foundations for strategic decision-making becomes clear if you look beyond cost containment.

View the recorded webcast presented by Aberdeen analysts, Bob Heaney and Scott Pezza and discover the best-in-class steps to success:

  • Extend ROI.  By extending the control and capabilities of warehouse management system implementations to integrate with the workforce and the fulfillment process from start to finish, companies can continue to drive efficiency and reduce operating costs.

  • Manage the workforce.  Optimizing workforce scheduling, managing tasks, and monitoring costs and performance can help drive more efficiency without increasing the labor pool. Sustaining changes in customer order volumes with existing labor can greatly improve profitability.

  • Drive for real-time performance visibility. To gain more control of the warehouse, companies should consider implementing real-time dashboards across the warehouse to drive visibility of issues in the present versus reviewing after the fact.

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