Webcast - Key Pressures Driving Improvements In Warehouse Operations

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In the best of times, warehouse management requires the careful balancing of competing objectives such as space utilization versus organizational flexibility, picking speed versus accuracy, and increasing throughput versus minimizing labor costs.

Today's economic environment has only heightened this challenge, with increased scrutiny of capital expenditures and more demand for ROI. The top pressures driving companies to improve their warehouse operations to achieve corporate goals requires a combination of strategic actions, organizational capabilities, and enabling technologies.

View  the webcast recording presented by Aberdeen analyst, Scott Pezza, and discover the best-in-class steps to success:

  • Improve mobile warehouse communications. Delayed communications hamper responsiveness. In high-volume operations, this can lead to increased re-processing costs, as unneeded items are picked or needed items are passed over initially.

  • Implement labor and task management functionality.  This systematized approach provides true labor performance analytics, and provides data not only for current-versus-ideal comparisons, but also serves as a historical baseline for analysis of incremental improvements.

  • Increase utilization of cross-docking, where appropriate, to reduce unnecessary duplication of effort and preserve storage area flexibility.

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