Webcast - Ready For A Change: Achieving WMS Implementation Success Through Change Management

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Implementing a new warehouse management system can bring many measurable benefits in improved productivity, lower costs and greater visibility. But orchestrating all the elements of an WMS implementation and managing the change that it brings to your organization is essential to success and to delivering an ROI.

This implementation case study features TESSCO Technologies, a supplier of the wireless communications and networking products and solutions, that selected Infor SCM Warehouse Management to replace an outdated home-grown system. TESSCO, who partnered with Fortna's Q4 System Implementation Division, will outline their project plan and their goals to:

  • Support business growth

  • Provide a better customer experience through capability enhancements

  • Utilize an easily configurable/upgradeable system

  • Achieve improved productivity

TESSCO will then detail the results they have achieved in improving on-time delivery, inventory accuracy and visibility. And they will share the lessons learned during the implementation to help you:

  • Understand the importance of setting clear implementation objectives

  • Recognize the organizational impact of the WMS implementation

  • Assess the risks inside and outside your company

Hear from TESSCO, Fortna and Infor on how your organization can improve the deployment of an integrated warehouse management system and keep the project closely aligned to business objectives.

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