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As markets globalize, change accelerates and customer expectations rise to new levels, the walls of the warehouse are coming down.

Now, companies must manage extended supply chains with increasing precision. They must gain clear visibility into their warehouse inventories as well as upstream and downstream logistical activities.

Unfortunately, few companies are fully meeting these objectives. Research on warehouse and distribution center productivity suggests that managers are under severe pressure to:

  • Reduce inventory and logistics costs to remain competitive

  • More effectively manage labor costs and challenges

  • Support business growth without additional facilities

  • Respond better to demand/supply fluctuations

  • Meet customer demands for faster and more time definite fulfillment

To address these challenges, best-in-class companies have invested in advanced warehouse management systems (WMS) that automate and extend their capabilities. Among their new strengths: bin-level location management; paperless receiving; real-time put-away; order picking with mobile devices; and cycle counting.

Join, Dan Gilmore, President and Editor in Chief, of Supply Chain Digest as helps you build a business case for advanced warehouse management where you'll discover how to determine a need, understand the value proposition, benchmark your operations and build an ROI case that you can sell to management.

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