Webcast - Improving Warehouse Operations With Integrated WMS & Voice-Directed Distribution

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For many organizations, managing their warehouses and distribution centers is not only a cost challenge but also a critical factor in staying competitive. An integrated warehouse management system can automate processes to improve productivity, throughput, inventory accuracy, and customer service with faster deliveries and "perfect" fulfillment rates.

Infor SCM Warehouse Management provides immediate and accurate visibility into inventory availability, enabling organizations to better serve the customer by providing flexible tracking of inventory levels and locations. It provides the ability to anticipate product demand and create a plan that most effectively meets demand by making sure that the right products are available at the right time. The result is improved revenue, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty. Infor WMS is engineered to reduce direct operating costs and improve asset utilization, while providing flexibility and cost-based optimization services. It also features:

  • Superior performance in large, complex fulfillment environments

  • Directed task management to adapt to rapidly changing work priorities in high-volume facilities

  • Enterprise integration supports all major radio frequency technologies and RFID, existing

  • Enterprise applications including ERP, advanced planning and transportation solutions

Voice-Directed Distribution

The combination of an integrated WMS and Voice-Direct Distribution helps optimize and streamline warehouse and DC processes: stocking, cycle counting, flow through, etc. Find out why  companies are converting to Vocollect Voice from paper and RF systems to gain:

  • Increased Accuracy— decreased opportunity for looking away or error in reading information

  • Increased Productivity— reduced non-value add steps

  • Reduced Training Time— natural form of communication, provides all information needed to perform task

  • Improved Safety— greater worker focus on task at hand

  • High ROI— typical payback in less than 12 months

View this webcast to discover how Infor SCM Warehouse Management  and voice-directed distribution can ensure the efficient utilization of resources— people, equipment, and space in your warehouse operations.

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