What it does

Whether you manufacture tailored clothing or t-shirts, with Infor Fashion you get an integrated enterprise management system with extensive industry-specific functionality that integrates all the activities involved in running your business.

Infor Fashion is more than just an ERP system. It is built for companies with both style-based and non-style-based product requirements—companies that need to simplify every aspect of their supply chain operations.

What it is

Infor Fashion supports any combination of owned manufacturing, subcontracting, or sourcing to ensure cost-effective processes—from raw materials through to finished goods. The system synchronizes demand and supply throughout your enterprise, while our integrated financials provide an up-to-date view of your cross-business performance.

Infor Fashion offers full multi-company, multi-site, multi-currency, language, and time zone handling. You also get support for more than 20 languages and accommodations for other country-specific requirements.

So whether your finished product is baby clothes, designer women's fashion, or sporting apparel, Infor Fashion has the software solution to meet your business needs.


What it means

Whatever raw materials you source and categories of garments you manufacture, you can configure Infor Fashion to meet your specific requirements. It is also flexible, so that it can scale with your business as you grow. You'll be equipped to handle a wide variety of products, high order volumes, variable order quantities, and short customer-order lead times.


Infor Fashion

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