Make asset performance a successful strategic initiative

What if you could proactively maintain and track your capital assets, as well as forecast their performance? What if you could optimize the performance of those assets so they helped increase your profits, rather than drain them?
You can with tools that help you:

  • Optimize your maintenance resources.
  • Get a detailed picture of every critical asset and how it's performing.
  • Make better, more insightful business decisions more quickly.
  • Improve the productivity of your equipment and staff.
  • Boost your service levels and increase your profits.
  • Meet your sustainability goals.

You can improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your asset management and maintenance with Infor's comprehensive, easy-to-use, web-based solutions for facilities management.

Our Facilities Management solutions include:

  • Enterprise Asset Management—Keep your plant, equipment, and facilities available, reliable, and safe. And drive your asset management plans, decisions, and actions to reduce energy use.
  • Enterprise Performance Management—See your data clearly, shape it, control it, and share it so you can make better decisions, faster.
  • Customer Relationship Management—Combine marketing, sales, and service to create a 360º view of your customers.
  • Financial Management—an integrated financial resource management solution designed to address financial accounting and budgeting, asset management, costing, and payroll requirements.
  • Human Capital Management—Finish payroll on time, every time, with no mistakes. And improve employee satisfaction and raise your company's performance at the same time
  • Infor ION—Connect, organize, analyze, and collaborate-on-premise, in the cloud, or both-faster and easier than ever before.

Isn't it time you got the tools you need to extend the longevity of your assets, improve productivity almost immediately, and manage critical functions such as work requests, purchasing, inventory, and preventive maintenance?

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