Libraries and Information Centers

Give your users a rich, customizable experience

What if your library could market its services, engage users in interactive ways, easily extend services and provide access to digital and traditional materials alike?  What if you could easily manage your collections and provide users with access to information on the internet, in your library's catalog, or in subscription databases?
You can with solutions that help you:

  • Better manage all your operations, including circulation, cataloging, acquisitions, serials management, and reporting.
  • Manage customer relationships and gain key performance data and metrics to support your decision making at all levels.
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of your electronic resources, from evaluation, to acquisition, implementation, and administration.
  • Offer your users a rich, interactive online experience.

Infor's Library and Information Management solutions include:

  • Iguana—User collaboration and marketing platform.
  • V-Smart—Web-based, Integrated Library System (ILS).
  • V-link—OpenURL Resolver.
  • V-spaces—Federated search and information portal.
  • V-sources—Electronic Resources Management System (ERMS).
  • V-insight—Statistical analysis portal.

You get a flexible environment to easily deploy additional systems, such as RFID units, payment stations, sorting systems, and more. You can easily access system data or connect with external services, such as authentication tools, virtual learning environments, and electronic resources.

We've helped prestigious libraries such as the Amsterdam Public Library and the VU University Library in the Netherlands; the City of Paris Library Network in France; the City of Brussels Public Library Network in Belgium; Volusia County Public Library in the US; and the Essex County Libraries in the United Kingdom.

We can help your library improve your information management and offer better services. For more information about our products, visit us at www.libraries.infor.com and www.experience-iguana.com.

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