Plastic Fabrication

Retool your operations to satisfy customer demand

What if you could efficiently run your fabrication operation-from injection molding and extrusion to compounding and thermoforming-regardless of demand? What if you could manage your capacity and costs without sacrificing customer service and quality?

You can, with software tools that help you:

  • Bring your production capacity into line with customer demand to meet delivery commitments.
  • Coordinate your outsourced partners with your plans and commitments.
  • Monitor what you're producing, and know when you have a problem.
  • Manage all aspects of your production and fabrication (for instance, bills of material, tooling, capacity, and compounding).

Adapt to change, whether it's driven by customer demand or specification changes.

Infor solutions for plastic fabricators do all that.

Our Plastic Fabrication solutions include:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning—Combine your electronic data interchange (EDI), financial management, barcoding, supplier relationship management, and quality management into one system, saving time and money.
  • Supply Chain Management—Improve your operational performance, materials flow, and manufacturing flexibility, and cut costs throughout your supply chain.
  • Financial Management—Manage your global finances even if you're not a financial whiz.
  • Enterprise Asset Management—Take control of your assets, asset information, and maintenance activities.
  • Enterprise Performance Management—See, shape, control, and share your data so you can make better decisions, faster.
  • Infor ION—Connect, organize, analyze, and collaborate-on-premise, in the cloud, or both-faster and easier than ever before.

Because our solutions are designed specifically for plastic fabricators, you can save time and money while growing your company.

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