Run a shipshape business to keep your customers on board

You don't need us to tell you that shipbuilding is one of the world's most competitive and capital-intensive industries. But you might not know where to find technology solutions that can help you lower costs, increase capacity, and give your customers the level of product quality they need and deserve. Infor can help.

You can:

  • Better manage your large, complex, and regulation-intensive processes and projects.
  • See the cost of your programs and projects.
  • Take advantage of more maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) and service opportunities.
  • Better react to and manage change.

Infor Shipbuilding solutions include:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning—Integrate your project workbench, service management, and quality management without the need for special setup or configuration.
  • Supply Chain Management—Improve your operational performance, materials flow, and manufacturing flexibility.
  • Financial Management—Extend your financial systems into new areas, automate your processes, boost productivity, and set the stage for greater strategic leadership
  • Enterprise Performance Management—Develop workable strategies, line up your resources with your plans, and proactively monitor your business processes and results.
  • Enterprise Asset Management—Manage, maintain, and track your assets, making better decisions about maintenance, inventory, warranties, risk management, and strategies.
  • Infor ION—Connect, organize, analyze, and collaborate-on-premise, in the cloud, or both-faster and easier than ever before.

Because our solutions are designed specifically for shipbuilders, you can lower your costs, increase your capacity, and give your customers the product quality they need.

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