State and local government

What it does

State and local governments deliver more direct service to the public than nearly any other entity in public life. There's no substitute for effective management at the state and local level, and it's essential for managers to be sure that they're getting maximum value from the money they spend and the efforts of their workforce.

Between the demands of providing police and fire protection, to road and highway maintenance, to issuing licenses, permits, and bills, it's state, county, and municipal governments that carry out the lion's share of business with citizens. Infor Public Sector solutions can help in all these areas. Our solutions have proven themselves at more than 1,200 local and municipal governments worldwide, through a suite of applications precisely tailored to the challenges that state and local managers face every day.

What it is

Infor Public Sector solutions help state and local governments respond with unmatched intelligence, speed, and flexibility. Decision makers get a single version of the truth, encompassing all aspects of agency operations and allowing coordinated responses that cross multiple departments. You'll be able to break through information silos and streamline your work process to increase agility and accountability across every aspect of public sector operations. You get a powerful collection of solutions, including:

  • Infor Public Sector. With best-in-class functionality in all the fundamental areas of a government agency's operations, you'll be able to maximize revenue, control costs, and enhance performance.
  • Infor EAM. Monitor facilities and assets for top performance, improved maintenance, energy efficiencies, and supply chain efficiencies.
  • Infor Enwisen Human Resource Management. Ensure that employees are being used effectively, trained properly, and that all labor contracts and regulations are observed.
  • Infor Approva Continuous Control Monitoring. Maintain audit readiness, prepare for inspections, and meet reporting requirements with ease.
  • Infor Public Sector Call Center. Deploy advanced 311 services and develop a reputation as a cutting edge municipality that encourages citizen involvement and responds effectively to the needs of your community.

What it means

You'll rapidly improve the responsiveness and efficiency of your state or local agency by improving the way you manage infrastructure, streamlining business processes, and saving money. With Infor Public Sector solutions for state and local government, you'll not only have solutions that were designed with you in mind, you'll reduce risk because of the stability and strength of Infor, a robust global software provider with decades of experience in delivering government specific solutions. You'll also:

  • Remove the silos between departments to improve coordination and boost performance while delivering high-quality service to your citizens.
  • Get a complete picture of all costs.
  • Be ready to comply with regulatory requirements, and reduce your risk of fines and unexpected compliance costs.
  • Achieve operational excellence.

You'll get all that from Infor Public Sector solutions for state and local government, a comprehensive collection of software that supports your specific business needs across all departments. Deliver the great service your citizens demand.


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