What it does

Citizens take utility services for granted. They simply assume that water, sanitary services, solid waste pick-up, and electricity will always function properly and effectively, oblivious to the sophisticated, ongoing engineering and maintenance efforts that happen behind the scenes.

But the cost and complexity of keeping a modern utility infrastructure increase as time goes by and the population grows. Infor Public Sector software helps bring order to the boundless complexity of a modern utility provider, and by harnessing that complexity, it also helps control costs and maximize reliability and improve customer service.

Infor Public Sector offers the broadest assortment of highly focused software solutions available for today's utilities. With specialized solutions for water and sewer systems, above ground and below ground assets, and managing the unique asset mix that utilities depend on, Infor solutions help you maximize reliability and reduce costs.

What it is

Infor Public Sector brings together some of the most advanced solutions available for today's utilities. Our solutions are currently in use in hundreds of the world's most demanding environments, in dozens of countries around the world. The suite includes:

  • Infor Public Sector EAM. Monitor physical assets for top performance, improved maintenance, and energy efficiency.
  • Infor Enwisen Human Resource Management. Ensure that you're utilizing employees effectively, training them properly, and observing all labor contracts and regulations.
  • Infor Public Sector CRM. Keep track of transactions with the public to ensure effective service delivery.
  • Infor Public Sector CIS Billing. Track, manage, and account for customer billing and receipts at all sites and deliver first-rate customer service.
  • Infor Public Sector Call Center. Improve the responsiveness and readiness of your call center.
  • Infor Public Sector Utilities suite. A comprehensive suite of industry-specific solutions to improve the performance of any utilities organization, with advanced features for budgeting and planning, billing and payments, asset maintenance, customer service, mapping with advanced GIS capabilities, a sophisticated data network model, and more. With Infor Public Sector Utilities you'll be able to deliver better service more economically and achieve top performance.

What it means

Improve every aspect of operations and customer service with Infor Public Sector solutions. Count on Infor's decades of experience in helping organizations of all sizes improve performance and increase service levels to help your utility with:

  • Budgeting and planning
  • Billing and payments
  • Improving the performance and maintenance of assets
  • Customer service
  • Human resource management
  • Condition assessments
  • Risk analysis

With Infor Public Sector, your utility can spend less time tangling with complex systems, so that you can focus your attention on more strategic concerns and attend to customer needs. With a complete range of deployment options, including cloud, on-premises, and hybrid configurations, you can deploy Infor solutions the way they suit you best to address the issues that make the biggest difference to your customers.


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