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Infor ION Pulse is a flexible, lightweight messaging system that moves information through the ION network between your connected applications and components of the ION system. It contains built-in logic to allow intelligent, functional connections that make your business software systems work together more effectively.


2015 Dresner “Wisdom of Crowds Study"

Once again, Infor has been positioned as the leading "Titan" in the Wisdom of Crowds ® 2015 Business Intelligence Market Study. 

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What it does

The core transmission system for messages on the ION network, Infor ION Pulse gives you the ability to work more effectively than ever before. It allows you to read, sort, and filter messages relevant to your interests. You can also read and respond to ION Pulse messages through the Infor ION ActivityDeck client, or on mobile devices. ION Pulse messages can also transmit approval controls, which allow everyone in the approval chain for a purchase order, for example, to register approval quickly, while keeping a record of those approvals for later review. It also gives executives mobile access to the approval process from anywhere in the office or across the globe.

By giving you relevant data while that data is being created, and then presenting it to you in actionable form when and where you need it, Infor ION Pulse helps you get more done.

What it means

Infor ION Pulse can yield major improvements in the way you do business because you'll have the ability to monitor the functioning of your business in real time.

By letting you view transactional details of your business as they happen, you'll be more prepared to take the informed actions that put your company on a path to operational excellence and keep it functioning at the highest possible level in all circumstances.

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