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2015 Dresner “Wisdom of Crowds Study"

Once again, Infor has been positioned as the leading "Titan" in the Wisdom of Crowds ® 2015 Business Intelligence Market Study. 

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What it is

Infor ActivityDeck is a multi-platform management console that changes the way you do business. By tapping into back-office systems via our innovative Infor ION platform, ActivityDeck presents a manager's critical tasks and real-time alerts in a well-organized, multi-column format that makes it easy to approve pending requests.

The console adapts for easy readability and quick action on:

  •  Laptops
  •  Smartphones
  •  Tablets

Managers like you get the information you need to make fast decisions, no matter where you are or which device you have handy.

Put the back office in your back pocket.Even with its speed, portability, and ease of use, Infor ActivityDeck goes deep. You can quickly drill down to find the origin of an alert or pending request because Infor ActivityDeck builds a manager's to-sos from the back-office systems where they originate-ERP, EAM, CRM, or SCM system, for example.

With Infor ActivityDeck, you'll be able to:

  • Get alerts wherever you are. Infor ActivityDeck deploys alerts across the ideal medium-mobile devices. When events occur outside your business rules, the appropriate manager knows about it instantly.
  • Filter information the way you want it. Your managers can use the display columns in Infor ActivityDeck to filter information based on escalated tasks, high priority, or oldest pending tasks. Also, built-in search capabilities make it easy to find critical information quickly.

See results as they happen. Travel and day-long meetings no longer mean being away from the information that managers like you need to do your job. With Infor ActivityDeck, you'll discover a whole world of business process improvement opportunities.

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