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Make your capital assets perform. In today’s highly competitive and cost-constrained operating environments, having the ability to effectively monitor the deployment and performance of company assets is more critical than ever.  An organization’s equipment, machinery, facilities and fleets can be a source of hidden profits - or costly operating surprises.

We understand the unique challenges faced by manufacturers, distributors and other asset-intensive enterprises.  Whether you are a senior operations officer who must manage and optimize equipment across multiple sites around the globe, a maintenance professional who needs a more effective preventive maintenance program or a fleet manager who requires an effective warranty management process, Infor EAM Datastream 7i, Infor EAM Business Edition, and Infor EAM MP2 are the industry’s leaders for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

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Topic Title
All Infor EAM Overviews Melhores práticas para a manutenção de ativos seguindo normas internacionais
  Manutenção do Desempenho de Ativos (Asset Performance Management)
  Infor EAM Asset Sustainability Edition: The Next Step in Asset Performance
  Infor EAM Business Edition Overview
  Infor EAM MP2 Edition Overview
  Infor EAM: Get the Most from your Plant Assets
Customer Case Studies Infor EAM at Grimmway Farms: MP2 Upgrade
  Infor EAM at Texas Children's Hospital: EAM for Facilities and Assets
Infor EAM Add-Ons Infor EAM: Manage your Infor EAM software lifecycle with EPAK
  Infor EAM Advanced Mobile: Remotely Manage Assets
  Infor EAM MP2 Mobile Solutions: Automate Inventory & Work Order Management
  Infor EAM MP2 Weblink: EAM Anywhere, Anytime
  Infor EAM: Reasons to add iProcure to your EAM system
For Existing Customers Infor EAM Customers: How to use
  Infor EAM v8.5: Graphical Scheduling Capability
  Infor EAM v8.5: What's New?
  Infor EAM: See what you’ve been missing (MP2 Upgrade)
  Infor EAM: Why Microsoft Resellers Should Consider Offering Infor EAM
  Infor EAM: Why, How, and When to upgrade?
Thought Leadership Monitoring how your assets use energy: See what you’ve been missing
  Condition Monitoring Solutions for Optimum Operational Efficiency
  Managing risk in Asset-Intensive Operations
  Maximize your inventory data and streamline storeroom processes
  Proactively manage your assets from anywhere, anytime through the cloud
  The Latest Trends in Energy Efficiency
  Why energy should matter to all manufacturers
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