What it does

Whether you supply designer stilettos or safety boots, with Infor Fashion you get an integrated enterprise management system with extensive industry-specific functionality.

Built for companies with style-based products, Infor Fashion can help integrate your business activities, simplify every aspect of your supply chain operations, and improve your profitability.

What it is

Infor Fashion is designed for footwear manufacturers, as well as companies that design, source, and distribute.

  • For manufacturers, Infor Fashion supports processes from purchasing, tanning, die cutting, machining, and lasting, through to finishing and distribution.
  • For design, source, and distribute companies, Infor Fashion supports processes from assortment planning, forecasting, and buying through to sales, warehouse management, and distribution.

Infor Fashion offers full multi-company, multi-site, multi-currency, language, and time zone handling. You also get support for more than 20 languages and accommodations for other country-specific requirements.

Synchronize demand and supply throughout your enterprise, and get integrated financials with Infor Fashion.


What it means

Designed to streamline your manufacturing processes as well as your supply chain, Infor Fashion helps you more efficiently manage activities. You'll be able to:

  • Handle seasonal and no-seasonal items.
  • Consolidate demand plans from multiple sources.
  • Synchronize the material flow throughout the supply chain.
  • Manage both process and discrete production operations.

Infor Fashion

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