Fine Paper

Bigger margins start with clear visibility across your business

What if you could really manage the conversion process? What if you could track multiple units of measure? What if you could search your inventory by opacity and variable weight?

You can with solutions that:

  • Give you greater visibility into all aspects of your operations-from importing to converting to customer service.
  • Offer the flexibility to change quickly as market opportunities arise.
  • Automate processes across core areas such as custom order management, visual analog scale (VAS) quantity conversion, tracking, rebate management, flexible pricing, and advanced demand forecasting.

When you work with Infor to meet these goals, you get the benefit of our years of embedded industry experience with fine paper distributors. We can put this experience to work for you. 

Infor's business-specific, integrated, and scalable fine paper solutions include:

Run your business more profitably with solutions tailored for the paper distribution industry.

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