What it does

A successful road and highway program requires precise planning, reliable execution, and a thorough, consistent maintenance program. The public routinely expects high quality streets and highways and doesn't want to think about the repairs, preventive maintenance, and ongoing upgrades that make it possible to travel around their communities without a second thought. Make the management of your street and highway program as smoothly efficient as a drive across town with Infor Public Sector solutions for transportation departments. With these solutions, you'll be able to establish comprehensive financial controls, manage your workforce more effectively, and keep your transportation infrastructure in top condition.

What it is

More than 1,200 customers around the world rely on Infor Public Sector solutions to monitor road conditions and maintenance on some of the most complex, heavily traveled street and highway systems anywhere. With the ability to organize, manage, and monitor road repairs, bridges, signs, signal systems, repair facilities, inspection programs, required documentation, and thousands of other critical details, Infor Public Sector solutions are preferred most often by transportation and highway experts.

Infor Public Sector solutions for transportation departments include a broad assortment of software systems focused on addressing your most specific requirements, including:

  • Infor Public Sector. Best-of-class functionality in all the fundamental areas of a government agency's operations, and industry-specific asset modules help you maximize revenue, control costs, conduct effective capital planning, and enhance performance. You get true linear data modeling capabilities, and unmatched sophistication to support the planning and completion of all your road and highway work.
  • Infor EAM. Monitor facilities and assets for top performance, improved maintenance, energy efficiency, and supply chain performance.
  • Infor Enwisen Human Resource Management. Ensure that employees are being used effectively, trained properly, and that all labor contracts and regulations are effectively managed and correctly observed.
  • Infor Approva Continuous Control Monitoring. Maintain audit readiness, prepare for inspections, and meet reporting requirements with ease.

What it means

With Infor Public Sector software, road and highway departments like yours gain sophisticated, easy to use tools for tracking the maintenance that's been done, needs doing, and could be done sooner to minimize traffic disruptions and cut total costs. You'll also have the tools you need to monitor the performance of all aspects of your highway program as a whole, in order to improve reliability.

You'll become more efficient at dealing with:

  • Asset management, including vehicles, facilities, and all components of your roadway system
  • Human resource management
  • Financial management and accountability

With Infor Public Sector solutions, you'll be ready to elevate the performance level of your street and highway program now and in the future.


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