Infor Public Sector CDR

Every municipality squeezes maximum value from every cent of revenue already. With even tougher fiscal challenges on the horizon, the efficiency you'll gain from Infor Public Sector CDR solutions can't arrive a minute too soon.


What it is

With Infor Public Sector CDR, you'll gain world class effectiveness over your most pressing services and processes, and improve your ability to:

  • Assess data that affects important land management use decisions quickly and accurately using GIS and data mining. 
  • Promote best practice business processes and inter-departmental communication. 
  • Manage unique business requirements, permitting, licenses, ordinances, and regulations. 
  • Improve responsiveness and compliance rates for citizens and contractors. 
  • Empower citizens and businesses with secure, seamless, and transparent access to the CDR process.

Whether handling a complaint for an abandoned vehicle or documenting a lengthy code enforcement action that could invoke a court challenge, Infor Public Sector CDR offers a complete way to capture and display daily activities in the field and office. Users can identify violations by parcel, provide notifications to responsible parties, and establish follow-up inspection programs.

Used by more than 100 municipalities nationwide, Infor Public Sector CDR enables governments and municipalities to operate efficiently and transparently while reducing cost and increasing citizen satisfaction.

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