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Infor Enterprise Search is an intuitive, simple-to-use search application for your Infor and non-Infor data. With the solution in place, you don’t have to know where the data you seek resides. Similar to popular Internet search engines, Enterprise Search is designed to help you search and find relevant information securely, and in seconds.


2015 Dresner “Wisdom of Crowds Study"

Once again, Infor has been positioned as the leading "Titan" in the Wisdom of Crowds ® 2015 Business Intelligence Market Study. 

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What it is

Infor Enterprise Search is an innovative application that improves end user productivity by allowing quick, intuitive searches of data stored across multiple enterprise software systems, without requiring the user to know how to navigate or query those system. Simply put, Enterprise Search lets end-users “Google” their enterprise data easily, without training, and get great results fast.


What it does

By creating a framework for searching for data across multiple applications, Infor Enterprise Search brings faster, more useful searches to all users in your company. It enhances those searches with:

  • Meaningful descriptive context—Unlike generic search solutions, Infor Enterprise Search adds a user-friendly description to each search result.
  • Security—Users don't see information they're not supposed to see through Enterprise Search results-the solution applies the same security logic that is used by the back-end system.
  • Actionable links—Each search result includes links to actionable data, allowing end-users to navigate directly to where they can take action.


What it means

With Infor Enterprise Search, you no longer have to wait for searches to return data, and then wade through results you don’t need. Enterprise Search gets you to the data you do need quickly, while maintaining complete security. As a result, you gain time to focus on more strategic and valuable tasks.


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